Speaking Engagements

October 19- 2:30pm EST
(VIRTUAL) Talk Tools: Thinking Outside the Fridge: Supporting Families in Early Intervention 
Feeding therapy in the early intervention world can face many challenges. Participation of the family, supply and variety of food, and the reduction of family mealtime are just a few things that can hinder progress during therapy. This course will provide practical solutions and strategies for working with a variety of feeding therapy families. Aspects such as working with low income families, breastfeeding in the African American community, and addressing goals during inconsistent sessions will also be discussed. Go to https://talktools.com/pages/globalonlineconference_main to register! 
October 28- 6:30pm EST
(VIRTUAL) The Breastfeeding Center of Greater Washington: Tackling the Food Fight- Feeding 102 

Are mealtimes causing you stress? Is your child simply a picky eater, or could there be something else impacting your child’s willingness to eat? This course will provide information on age-appropriate feeding skills, Picky Eating vs Problem Feeders, solutions to difficulties that may occur after introducing solids, strategies for the breastfed baby, general family mealtime tips for all ages, and when it’s time to seek more help.


All are welcome! Go to breastfeedingcenter.org/classes for information on insurance coverage and to sign up! 



Breast and Bottle Feeding

Food aversions

Food chaining / meal planning

Speech and Language Development

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